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Extra points to those who get the title reference. My favorite response today from a kindred spirit haha. Short and sweet, like my word count. Thank goodness I got ahead early on so I’m still on track. I barely got anything written today. Just so tired. Went to bed at 12:30 before it was all over because I just couldn’t hold my eyes open. Hubs then proceeded to come wake me at 1:30 with an update and then again at when it was all over at 2:42. Suffice it to say I was a total zombie today. I actually had trouble forming words at about 2:00pm due to the fog in my brain. After 3 cups of coffee. So yea, sorry NaNo. I’ll see you tomorrow. No Win and Struggle today because today just was. I will leave you with what’s been spinning in my head today: The Room Where It Happens

When you got skin in the game, you stay in the game
But you don’t get a win unless you play in the game

Oh, you get love for it. You get hate for it
You get nothing if you…

Wait for it, wait for it, wait!

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