I start today by saying goodbye to a very dear icon of Elon University, Dr. James Earl Danieley. Former President of the University, beloved professor and instilled in the hearts of all who have passed through Elon for 70 incredible years, Dr. Danieley’s charisma, presence and passion will be missed but will continue to live on. Between violence back home, Dr. Danieley’s passing today, and the raging fires in Gatlinburg, TN (also near home) there has been so much sadness this week alone, much less for all of 2016. At some point there has to be a silver lining. A bright light in all of the darkness. Like we talked about before, sometimes it’s the Little Victories that get us through.

I have an announcement: I did it! I really did it. Don’t believe me?  Take a gander here:


That my friends is what pops up when you copy in your story and it validates that elusive 50,000 word count (You better believe I am buying that t-shirt). I was so worried I wouldn’t make it with only 2 days left but I put on the new Shawn Mendes album after “Treat you better” got stuck in my head and I hit my stride.

It was hard. It was rough. I didn’t think I’d make it. I still can’t believe I did. It literally took me 4 years to finish the last story I started during NaNoWriMo but I was determined to do it this time. My story is actually far from over but I’m to a really exciting part where I feel like  the story is finally moving somewhere. Now I can really take my time to develop it and make something out of it.

Since you stuck it out with me, I will treat you to part of the story tomorrow. Maybe in association with #1lineWed (the theme is Door so we’ll see what I can work with there).

All I know is I’m grinning so wide, my face hurts and I almost cried in triumph. In fact, I danced a little jig in this computer chair. With that my friends, loyal readers and fellow authors, I am going to bed finally. I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m exhausted.

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#1linewed happens every Wednesday. You are supposed to post a line or two from any WIP (work in progress) on Twitter, based on that week’s theme. It’s much harder than you think, especially if you consider Twitter only allows 140 characters. There is also the feeling that the line should feel special (or maybe that’s just me). This week’s theme is fear/afraid/fright. Perhaps it’s cheating a bit, but I couldn’t really condense it to 140. Instead, I’ll just post it here.  I liked this paragraph from my original NaNoWriMo story:

“Sometimes, the simpler the truth is the harder it is to see, especially in ourselves. We like our lives to be complicated because then it feels like it is out of our control. There is less fear there, less uncertainty in knowing that it’s out of our hands. If we admitted the basest of truths, then it would mean we would have to answer for our own unhappiness.”

Or this one from a later story fragment:

Books are more than just paper, ink and glue. They are living, breathing vessels imbued with a spirit so raw and real that it can only be called a soul. Each line is a breath, the turn of a page the contraction of lungs taking in dreams, fears, joys and sorrows.”

It’s also an interesting way to find repeating themes and phrases in your writing. The theme was “believe” once and I found around 100 references in one WIP due to phrases like “I believe” or “she believed”. I was able to go back and clean up a lot of the conversations to makes them less flippant and fragmented.